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Painting full of passion and love of life

O. Fedoruk, an art critic

The canvases painted by the young artist Nataliya Polischuk are the embodied reflection of herself, her nature and viewpoint. Undoubtedly, at first her compositions, which are so much abstracted from real life, make the viewer think of a limited notion of the still-life. However, in her case both the expression of the search for colour and composition, and the content of each painting are equally important. In order to get an insight into Natalya Polischuk’s world of painting, it is well worth getting acquainted with her poetry, in which we can find the notes of desperate love of life that are in harmony with her painting. By means of creative work the artist tries to find her own entity.

An essential characteristic of the painter’s canvases is some expressionistic tendencies that partially transform into abstractionistic nuances. Another peculiar feature of her paintings is a unity of accidental, as it were, brushstrokes that form a whole system inside the space of the canvas, and create images that are clearly understandable and close to the contemporary art lover. At times, the artist implies a certain mystery in her works, opposing surreal spots full of their inner content, thus emphasizing the importance of the themes raised by her, but hidden by the outer layer of the painting. She does it to express her own vision of correlation of harmony, conveying the emotional impulses, created by her perception of the world and civilization.

Nataliya Polischuk’s art of painting is full of passion and love of life, and at the same time it is lyrical. It is caused by the fact that she undergoes the creative process simultaneously with the formation of the work of art. In order to feel it, one must get deeper into the artist’s canvas, reliving her own stories of artistic being together with her...


Elena and Sergey Chudinovy, Moscow

«Modern, dynamic, deep, emotional» – these epithets are perfect to describe art work of a wonderful Ukrainian artist Natalia Polishchuk. Natalia herself is a versatile person: a mother of four children and a beautiful wife, a hard worker and an artist. Therefore, all her paintings are filled with vibrant life emotions that she derives from her family, love to her native land, and endless trips.

Her works, in a style of abstract expressionism, offer us a different vision of the world, immerse the observer in a special atmosphere. Natalia perceives reality in a creative way, she can see in ordinary things and colors the diversity of color shades and strokes, and she reaches a special canvas effect: one has only to look from afar and paint virtually begins its movement, a wave of joy and lightness envelops the viewer.

Expressing thus her artistic sensitivity, the author invites us to look at the ordinary moments of life from a different angle, it can be a nude woman or a nice bouquet of flowers which revives on a canvas art: flowers - come from our dreams, unreal, impossible and beautiful at the same time, women – intrigue, call , inflame the imagination. This is achieved by subtle but extremely precise strokes.

Expressiveness and emotionality of Nataliya’s pictures do not prevent them to be both of interior design and fit a modern space, and her art knows no boundaries – works of the young author were presented at prestigious international exhibitions in Europe and are stored in public and private collections around the world.


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