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Fate gave me everything I could dream about. I cognize life through painting. And obviously my painting is deprived of cruelty, hypocrisy and dirt. I don’t stand it. You will ask me what my liners are? In the depths of reflections I am still that little carefree girl who perceives the world through embroideret by myself pink glasses. Painting for me is a kind of self-knowledge, it’s the way to express myself. Like a child I glady live and paint, paint and live. I still incarnate my dreams into reality, try to make this world brighter, warmer, more attentive… And I will do it so. My pulse is invisible for you but you can feel its transformation in my works. Contempling my essence, you’ll possibly get around the solution and when shielding your face whith hands infront of the mirror you will see everything the way I see it. And understand me…

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My exhibitions

  • 2016 - Personal, Burgerburo Marcus Rinderspacher, Munchen, Germany
    2016 - Solo exhibition, shopping center «Forum Lviv», Lviv
    2015 - «Two Views» Center of Culture and Arts, Kharkov.
    2014 - Art in CAPITAL, Grand Palace, Paris, France
    2013 - Personal, «Le FIEF-gallery», Villecresnes, France
    2013 - Personal, «Le petit Gallery», Lesigny, France
    2012 - Personal «Sense», Jan Siuta International Gallery, Krakow, Poland
    2012 - Krakow Art-Expo
    2012 - «Carpathian kaleidoscope» Elektrostal, Russia
    2012 - «Lviv Palette» gallery «Solvay», Krakow, Poland
    2011 - «I feel you» to the opening of the Year of Ukraine in Belarus. Gallery «Panorama», NBB, Minsk, Belarus
    2011 - Polischuk Natalia. Painting. Gallery «Przy bramie» Liublin, Poland
    2011 - «Sense», «Art gallery on Korolenko str.», Dnepropetrovsk
    2011 - «Sense» Art Salon «bon ton», Lviv
    2010 - «Colors of Life» gallery «VEBA», Kosice, Slovakia
    2010 - «Colors of Life» gallery «Atrium» , Presov, Slovakia

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